Welcome back to 25 Necco St, which of course no longer exists, except in the memories of those of us who lived for some of the most magical nights the Boston music scene ever witnessed.

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Stryper.jpgbto_at_the_channel_1986.jpgkenny 3.jpgthechannel-poster-wall-01.jpgChrisHolmesWASP.jpgthe_exploited_1988.jpgBang.jpgWomen's-wrestling.jpgIan-Hunter,-Donna-Washburn,-Mick-Ronson-and-Michelle-Haber.jpgbodiddley.jpgJoe-Perry-Channel.jpgBlue_Tiger.jpgBrian-Washburn.jpgWendyDio-and-drummer-of-Rou.jpgMike-Tramp-of-White-Lion,-J.jpgBig_Black_channel_1987.jpg001.jpg

Upcoming local bands, national stars, cutting edge shows. The Channel was Boston’s best rock, best reggae, best metal, best ska and always presented the Best of Boston…

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